Culture Change

Coaching aimed at creating a positive culture results in a business culture that:

  • Retains, sustains and inspires its people
  • Grows a sense of ownership and personal accountability
  • Motivates people through passion and enthusiasm
  • Instils a sense of vision and purpose
  • Awakens a desire to succeed
  • Maintains the curiosity to continue learning and improving
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increases profitability


Identifying the need

Business leaders know how to create and deliver their products and services but they do not necessarily know how to create a working culture which repels those employees that are not on board with the company messaging, allows those who are, to thrive and attracts new recruits who fit with the company values, vision and purpose.

The business leader experiences this as:

  • A disconnected work force that communicates badly
  • An over emphasis on the individual flaws and mistakes of team members (blame culture)
  • Desensitisation caused by unreasonable work loads (people shutting down just to cope and survive)
  • Fear, inhibition and embarrassment (scared of being caught out or being wrong)
  • Distorted perception of colleagues caused by unresolved personal baggage (private judgement of and prejudice towards colleagues)
  • A perception of work as solely a means to earning a living (poverty consciousness)
  • Lack of sincere commitment to company vision and purpose (playing lip service to company initiatives which aim to motivate and inspire)
  • Insufficient opportunities for collaborative learning and expression of views and opinions (people working in silos unaware of their inter-dependence with other colleagues)
  • An over reliance upon political and hierarchical relationship structures (needing permission and frightened to take initiative)

The consequences of this are:

  • Unhappy work force
  • High levels of stress
  • Inefficient working practices
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Lack of direction and forward planning
  • Business failure

Fact: The culture of any business is the life blood that enables the people within it to feel part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Without it people align to their own individual self-serving agendas and the company will ultimately fail.

The solution is to work with a coach who can help to identify and break down the barriers that separate people within the business by agreeing on a set of values and a purpose that will engage and unite everyone to work as a team towards achieving common goals and objectives.


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