Staff & Team Coaching

Coaching has excellent outcome expectations for business owners/leaders and teams alike.

Typical outcomes of one-to-one coaching within business teams are:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased awareness of the ‘internal customer’ relationships within the team
  • Clearer definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased awareness of the common purpose of enterprise and the part they play within this ‘bigger picture’.
  • Increased ability to collaborate with other team members
  • Resignation of non-aligned team members
  • Increased fulfillment from feeling part of a collective journey of success
  • A renewed openness to continual learning and self-improvement
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased profitability


Identifying the need

One-to-one staff coaching is useful for any individuals who have potential to develop into more powerful, effective members of your company team. This may be part of continuing, positive development, or it may be that you have identified one of the following issues:

  • They struggle to understand and maintain their relationships with key colleagues who they rely on to fulfil their roles.
  • They feel stuck in their role within the company and are unclear how to change this
  • They struggle to cope with the pace of organisational change

This is experienced as:

  • Feeling disconnected from other people
  • A lack of confidence to articulate feelings
  • An inabiltiy to give and receive feedback
  • Not a team player
  • A reluctance to share ideas or opinions
  • Negativity, skepticism and self-doubt
  • Disengagement from company vision and purpose

The consequences of this are:

  • Conflict
  • Inefficiency
  • Anti-social and selfish behaviour
  • Resistance to learning
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of direction
  • Absenteeism

Fact: Staff issues sometimes resulting in legal action are a massive cost to businesses due to the negative impact of internal politics and lost productivity.

The solution is to work with a coach to help the leader identify and challenge the barriers that undermine effective teamwork and to replace these with effective channels of communication that can help maintain healthy professional rapport.

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