Business leadership and personal coaching

Most people’s experience of working relationships is characterised by political game play, hierarchical division and personal rivalry and have come to accept that this is the nature of work.

We model for our clients an alternative experience of work characterised by camaraderie, optimism, constructive interaction, communication, valuing diversity respect and trust.

This alternative vision of the workplace provides employees with an irresistible opportunity to take charge of their own destiny in alignment with the company’s fundamental goals and objectives.

It creates a community of leaders engaged and enrolled into a collective journey of success.

We believe:

  • A Business is like a family
  • Many families are dysfunctional in their relationships
  • This dysfunction has a major impact on operational efficiency and therefore on profitability
  • We offer a tried and tested methodology that addresses the root causes of this problem
  • The outcomes of this intervention process are ultimately increased sales, reduced costs through effective leadership and harmonious teamwork.

Different coaching perspectives


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