Our Approach

Business leadership coaching

We believe that companies can only improve their people by becoming aware of what they don’t know. In other words, that most incompetence is unconscious and unless time is created to reveal this incompetence an authentic dialogue of improvement is not possible.

The problem is that focusing on what we are doing badly can damage morale. Our approach is to focus on the vision, purpose and values of the company as a means of changing behaviours and improving performance.

Unfortunately, all too often, due to the operational demands of the day to day running of the company these emotional and psychological dimensions of a company’s infra-structure can get lost resulting in a drop in company morale and performance effectiveness.

Our solution, is to encourage companies to invest in the appropriate knowledge and skills that will enable their staff to build strong and effective communication channels through which these dimensions of the business can be reinvigorated and awakened.

The investment is delivered under four key headings:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Optimum performance
  • Creativity & Innovation

The purpose of the coach is to act as the facilitator who calls forth the best in people so they are supported as they are stretched beyond their own personal limitations for the sake of team success. We do this not by focusing attention on the roles people play but on how they play their role and the manner in which they engage with others whilst delivering that role in the context of the working arena.

In other words, our focus of attention is not so much on what people do at work but on who they are while they are doing what they do.

Different coaching perspectives


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