How we Do It

Business leadership and personal coaching

The coaching provision is tailored to the needs of the individual or business concerned in a way that works best for them.

We recommend that coaching outside and walking in nature is more conducive to problem solving and creative thinking.

We establish a strategic partnership with the individual(s) or business leader(s) through a series of one to one coaching sessions

The aim is to clarify the following:

  • Explore the nature of the challenges you are facing
  • Agree on what kind of approach would work best
  • Decide on a strategy of change
  • Design the alliance between coach and primary contact (define the nature of the relationship and state clearly the parameters within which both parties can be successful)
  • Negotiate a realistic timeline
  • Provide costing as far as is possible
  • Understand the need for ongoing support
  • The business leader’s expectations – The point to remember at this stage of the process is that once the intervention strategy has begun things can get worse before they get better and it is imperative that trust and commitment to the process of change has been firmly established. The successful completion of any intervention strategy cannot be guaranteed without the total support and commitment of the business leader

Once this stage of the process has been concluded the intervention strategy can begin and can be summarized under the following four headings:

Culture assessment/audit – Description and definition of the current state of the company’s relationship infra-structure

Designing the scope of work – What needs to be done about it (includes time, affordability and practicalities)

Delivery of investment strategy – Working to imbed the relevant insight whilst minimizing operational disruption

Ongoing Maintenance/support – Keeping in touch

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