Our Clients

Our Clients


John Platts, Chartered Landscape Architects LTD, OXON

Joseph Taylor, Joseph Taylor Pianos, OXON

Renee Watson, WATS-ON, OXON

Dave Hawkins, EXIENT Ltd, OXON

Mark Salisbury, The Oxford Knowledge Company, OXON

Nusrat Shah, Backbone2Business, OXON

Peter O’ Connell, Shaw Gibbs LLP, OXON

Jayne Woodley, Community Foundation, OXON

Paul Jenks, Jenks Group, OXON

Dan Heelas, Heelas Heating and Renewables, Abingdon, OXON

Timon Colegrove, Hunts Paper & Pixels, Kidlington, OXON

Patrick Knopp, Chiltern Cam Engineering, Thame, OXON


Some Comments:

Nusrat Shah, Director at Backbone 2 Business Ltd

“I have now had the pleasure of working with Carlos in a number of different environments. The common theme is his consistent ability to engage, understand and deliver measurable impact as a life and business coach whatever the setting. I threw Carlos quite a challenge in engaging him with a client based overseas. Having given him the briefest of briefs and more or less throwing him in the deep end for two intensive short burst sessions with a group of individuals who were used to being closed, suspicious and distrusting of outsiders as a result of culture, country environment and cards dealt in the past, he delivered more than I could have hoped for. The experience was quite surreal and at times overwhelming for all involved. I felt privileged in having been given the opportunity to assist Carlos in the coaching sessions and learnt as a result how well we fit in terms of skillset, values and capabilities. I would recommend Carlos without hesitation and am looking forward to partnering with him more and more in the future.”

Anne O’Reilly, Business Growth Coach /Growth Accelerator Coach/Executive Coach/Mentor

“Carlos is a trail blazer for bringing humanity back to business. He encourages and empowers leaders to be themselves; broadens their thinking and drives them to grow their businesses fuelled by purpose and passion not pounds, shillings and pence. If you are looking for a refreshing, edgy and challenging approach to leadership development, then Carlos is your man – intuitive, insightful, supportive and sometimes unconventional.”

Jayne Woodley, Chief Executive at Oxfordshire Community Foundation

“Full of energy and passion. Carlos is absolutely committed to raising the bar and potential of everyone he works with. All sessions with Carlos are time well spent and are guaranteed to provide the space so needed in all our busy lives when we have the time to let all our great ideas develop.”

Mathew Plant, Director – Hunts Paper & Pixels, Kidlington, OXON

“Carlos provides a delightful combination of expert business coaching with in-depth psychological knowledge with the focus always on the ‘why’.  The 18 months I have spent working with Carlos has enabled me to really focus on the bigger picture of what it takes to become a successful leader within a growing business. Carlos is a truly inspirational coach full of wisdom, energy in abundance and life experience with the skills to break down barriers in any arena he is brought in to. Carlos has a great ability to identify what truly motivates you as an individual or collectively as a team, which can then be used to achieve tangible goals. I would say Carlos has unlocked my self-confidence, which has allowed me to use the qualities that I already possessed, but to use them to their full potential.

“What is truly great about Carlos is his focus on supporting human growth and development.

“I have no doubt the business will continue to grow with Carlos’s support and passion.”

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