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When is the job complete?

I find the metaphor of technology most useful in answering this question.

As with computers, once someone understands your machine and the demands that you put upon it, it is useful to have this knowledge always on standby in case something goes wrong.

Equally, it is good to have regular checkups to prevent problems in the future.

In addition, a team’s needs change and so do the demands of the job so having someone there to constantly support and monitor these adjustments is extremely useful.

In short, if the need for a team coach is recognised in the first place then it will be evident from the customer’s point of view that the job is never done.

A coach will always be helpful in providing an objective team system perspective within the decision making process of the company.

Naturally the value of this perspective to the client will be dependent upon the extent to which the coach has  managed to grasp the fundamental purpose of the business and to merge with the team to work out the most powerful and engaging way to communicate it both internally and externally in order to connect up all associated relationship networks.

These include: the Board, leadership/management teams, departments, service providers, customers, local communities, government agencies.

Once established these networks need maintaining to prevent the inevitable deterioration of these emotional channels caused by the impact of day to day operational stress and strain.

How much does it cost?

The amount of investment required to achieve chosen goals and objectives will vary depending on the business size and the challenges it is facing. Through initial discussions with the client the coach is able to identify and define what areas need improving and why so that some idea of the scope of work can be gained.Continue Reading

Does a coach have to understand the nature of an organisation in order to help effectively?

The beauty of hiring a coach from the client’s point of view is that you get to talk about your business and the intricacies of your working life at a level that nobody else would be interested in to such a degree! The reason for this is that a coach has to have a deepContinue Reading

When is a team ready for intervention?

When the job is no longer fulfilling When things are going wrong And …..  when things are going right and you want to understand why so that you can perpetuate the success.

Do people have to bare their heart and soul for this work to be effective?

There is a natural fear of the unknown inherent in our society and in many respects this kind of work relies on people being curious and excited about the unknown rather than scared of it. Professional training and development work is often equated with fact gathering and information giving and coaching is based in aContinue Reading

How will I know if it is working?

When a company or organisation begins to reflect and consider what impact it really wants to make on the world around it and most importantly on it’s customers it has to ask a number of key questions: • What is the purpose of this company’s existence? • What are the values that will underpin andContinue Reading

Is it possible to predict the amount of intervention that is needed?

One of the barriers that can stop this kind of positive intervention work from happening is the fear that once you start it will never finish so its better not to start in the first place. People’s perceptions of what a coach can offer a team is all tied up with when things are goingContinue Reading

What form does the intervention take?

STAGE 1   FORGING THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PRIMARY CONTACT AND ESTABLISHING COMMITMENT Normally, an existing client recommends a coach to a company owner, team leader or senior employee. These two people meet to: • Explore the nature of the team and its members • Explore why there is a need for intervention. • Agree onContinue Reading

How will the members know when the job is done?

They will be clearer about what is expected of them They will feel more fulfilled in their jobs They will feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves Their relationships with colleagues will have improved They will feel valued and appreciated They will be happy to come to work

Do all teams require the same amount of intervention?

Maintaining the balance between the needs of the customers and the needs of the team is always a tricky affaire. In my experience the extent to which things have gone out of balance and the nature of that imbalance varies hugely and therefore the quantity and type of intervention varies also. If we can considerContinue Reading

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