Carlos Dean

Business leadership coaching

After studying Psychology as part of a B.A. Social Sciences degree I discovered that I had a natural ability to help people to see beyond the obstacles that were preventing them from doing what they really wanted to do with their lives.

I started coaching as a professional in 2000 and since then have drawn on a number of varied schools of thought for the development and improvement of my skills and effectiveness. These include the Healing Arts, Complementary Medicine and Buddhism.

As my coaching practice evolved I gained a deeper insight into the mechanics of change and the extent to which this was relevant not only to individuals but to groups also in the form of teams, organisations and even whole communities.

What began to emerge was my belief that the greatest challenge of the modern age is to educate people in the science of relationships, something which has long been considered a mystery. As I was drawn into the arena of business I became acutely aware of the lost productivity within teams brought about by incoherent and disconnected relationship networks.

I have identified that the root cause of this breakdown in relationships is due to a lack of clarity and focus on the core vision and purpose of our business and public service organisations which reduces the meaningfulness of people’s working lives.

I have found that by prioritising these aspects of work and the guiding principles(values) that influence behaviours, leaders and their followers regain their personal sense of engagement with their work and their colleagues.

My conclusion is that if we neglect the ‘HEART & SOUL’ of what we are doing then we loose our collective sense of purpose which encourages people to work together towards a shared experience of success and fulfilment.

Experience has shown me that when the vision and purpose is clearly woven into the social fabric of the business enterprise, then relationships flourish naturally and goals are achieved with greater ease.

It is this insight and experience that I wish to share with the world because I sense it is extremely important and timely and could prevent a huge amount of upset and wasted life!

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