The Business

I am passionate about helping businesses and organizations to grow around a clear vision, purpose and set of values by coaching their leaders, teams and individuals to create goals and strategies that inspire and motivate everyone.

People normally talk about business from an operational perspective…marketing, sales, branding, finance. I look at business from the perspective of relationships and the connection between profitability and personal fulfilment.

Coaching is not simply a set of techniques: once experienced it becomes a way of life. My business is about positive change, locally, nationally and globally!

Cultural Transformation and Change Coaching

”Despite living inside the paradigm of science where things can be proven through exact repetition, our personal experience of the world is that it is a social arena made up of complex relationships.

In my view, this is how it is ! ”

1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

From being coached well you inevitably learn to coach yourself and as your self-awareness grows so increases the control you have over the circumstances of your life and your business. In effect, once understood, coaching becomes your personal guarantee that you are the one driving your business not it driving you.

In my view, this is how it is!

Team Development Coaching

Through intimately understanding our relationship with ourselves we grow in our ability to forge effective, fulfilling relationships with other people. Hence true success must be defined within the parameters of the social networks that we manage to establish.

In my view, this is how it is!

Personal Coaching

The desire to be back in charge of our lives is something that is hidden in most of us because we have learnt to believe that it’s impossible. The slightest glimmer that this is not actually the case is enough to re-ignite our passion for life and all it has to offer.

In my world, this is how I live!

Different coaching perspectives


People & Commerce

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Business & Higher Purpose

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Teamwork & Community

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Insights and applications

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