Business leadership coaching

My vision is to help companies create values driven cultures that attract individuals who want to earn a living through being part of something they find truly fulfilling and with people they truly enjoy being with.

Through coaching I help business leaders to identify and define their vision, purpose and values and then to communicate them passionately to inspire operational efficiency and success.

Based in Oxfordshire, I typically work with small-to-medium owner managed businesses or organizations where there is a strong emphasis on building trusting relationships within the team, their customers and suppliers as a means of creating a sustainable long term venture.

This is achieved through:


  • Raisies self-awareness about the need to improve oneself in order to improve the business
  • Raises awareness of the part that emotions ( positive and negative) play in building effective working relationships
  • Teaches leaders/followers how to connect with and express their feelings as part of healthy communication
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities and the importance of setting boundaries


  • Inspires an appreciation of the diversity and strengths of the team
  • Encourages truthful expression and reduces stress
  • Instils the value of teamwork, cooperation and collaboration
  • Awakens the motivation to be the best that is possible


  • Teaches positive focus and how to maintain it
  • Steers people’s energies into the best endeavours
  • Encourages people to do and be better
  • Breaks down the barriers that undermine the development of a supportive learning culture


Different coaching perspectives


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