The New Breed of Business Leaders – Call to Action

Power struggles and greed have without a doubt caused the collapse of the economy and whatever comes next we need it to be built on the lessons of the past not as a repeat experience!

So, from my point of view politics with a capital ‘p’ is all about debate…. relationships based on each side believing they are right and the other is wrong…… I see very little evidence to suggest that it has managed to permanently resolve any of the biggest social problems of the twentieth and now twenty first century… world peace, global warming, poverty, addiction, delinquency and the rest…

Religion as different methods or perspectives for achieving enlightenment has also proven to be more a divisive force in the world rather than a unifying one…The propaganda, administration and regalia of such institutions have become symbols of the worst kind of business…

Extravagant branding and marketing is evident in lavish buildings and adornments….. Resources which could be much better placed to house people, heal the sick and provide education for youth in parts of the world where lack of opportunities to improve themselves continues to cause huge suffering and unhappiness….

In the so called developed world we have undergone the industrial revolution, the transport revolution, the arms race and now the information revolution…. In many respects the human race is gifted and intelligent and yet despite all of this we have yet to tackle our greatest challenge, THE RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION.

Within our families, institutions and communities, dysfunctional relationships are rife and this fact causes so much unhappiness and misery and damages the collective pursuit of meaningful goals and objectives..

As a race we find it difficult to agree on the collective purpose of our lives as expressed through all of these groups..

From my work within the SME market place I have become excited by the potential of these arenas to become a force for real change which will and can address some of the fundamental root causes of the social and political unrest that we have endured and tolerated for many decades…

Business of course, needs to make a profit so that it can continue to invest and so develop its products and service provision….. But business is so much more than just commerce…it is about TRUTH….. selling things that do what the seller says it does for a price that is fair on the producers as well as the end users…..It is about producing products and services that are ETHICALLY ROBUST…it is about HELPING PEOPLE with areas of their lives that they are ill equipped to deal with…. It is about IMPROVING PEOPLE so they can experience a better quality of life and it is about LEARNING TO WORK TOGETHER for the sake of everyone….

Business is in fact about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and becoming a better person because it teaches the participants about consideration and respect, how to build trust and to appreciate the good in everything and everyone.

Every business team engaged in a specific operational vision has the opportunity now to engage in one of the most exciting revolutions that the world has ever faced….. a revolution where every individual chooses to take an honest look at themselves in order to improve the world they live in…at home at work and in their communities.

For this revolution to be truly successful in setting a precedence within the agenda of WORLD PRIORITIES, business leaders must be willing to embrace their HIGHER PURPOSE to inspire this change in attitude within all their followers.

A focus on PROFIT creates a vision of survival…. A focus on HIGHER PURPOSE creates a vision of unity, teamwork, community and connection.

This economic crisis is an opportunity for us to EVOLVE and for leaders to respond to a CALL TO SERVICE at the highest level.

The leap in consciousness expressed in the sixties communicated the excitement of the true potential of the human race to be noble and responsible as custodians of the earth as our collective home and it is now more than ever that we need to unite to agree on how best to organise our social affairs from this day forward.

For this to happen we must be rigorous and committed to identifying and challenging those divisive forces that have been allowed to sabotage and taint the noble visions of our leaders, in business and the public arena.

This is our higher purpose as leaders and we must unite if we are to create the momentum of change that the world so needs.

CDC is a call to action to this NEW BREED OF LEADERS….

If you are one of them, I hope you heed the call?!

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  1. Paul Jenks says:

    Everyone should read this.

    How many understand what is being said is another matter

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