How will I know if it is working?

When a company or organisation begins to reflect and consider what impact it really wants to make on the world around it and most importantly on it’s customers it has to ask a number of key questions:

• What is the purpose of this company’s existence?

• What are the values that will underpin and guide its development in the world?

• What is the vision of what this company is becoming in the world?

• Who are the customers that the company wishes to serve and what do they need?

• Who are the people who will provide these services and what do they need?

• On the basis of what it will all cost, is it commercially sustainable?

The short answer to the question is that the success of the intervention can be measured by the extent to which all members of the company can provide appropriate answers to all of the above.

The purpose of this kind of work is essentially to facilitate the forging of relationships within the group that promotes a healthy balance between personal freedom and collective responsibility for maintaining effective standards of working practices.

A healthy organisation is a community of people who experience a sense of belonging, concern and care both for its members and the people it serves.

Successful intervention acts to deepen this experience through encouraging curiosity around the six questions above.

As clarity emerges out of this questioning so the consciousness and culture of the organisation begins to form the group identity.

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