How much does it cost?

The amount of investment required to achieve chosen goals and objectives will vary depending on the business size and the challenges it is facing.

Through initial discussions with the client the coach is able to identify and define what areas need improving and why so that some idea of the scope of work can be gained.

Typically most small to medium companies invest upwards from £1000 per month to improve the leadership and culture aspects of the business.

This monthly figure will vary depending on what stage or aspect of the ‘improvement process’ is being delivered and the degree of difficulty being experienced in attempting to achieve the desired impact.

Naturally for larger organisations where the relationship networks are more complex this figure can be significantly higher.

I personally recommend that whatever the size of your business or organisation, one percent of annual turnover as a minimum guideline is a sensible and realistic investment if you are seriously committed to creating sustainable long term growth through the maintenance of a healthy working culture and ongoing leadership learning and development.

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