How is a great team different from other teams?

This question is important in that the answer aims to provide a checklist to identify where you are now as a team and what you need to work on in order to improve.

• There is a high degree of camaraderie and constructive interaction in a great team.

• A great team is able to talk about itself as an entity that exists beyond the individual members

• It is characterised by a clear vision and set of values that helps define the parameters within which the team can be successful

• The members can speak about the job within their roles and talk to each other as people sharing a common experience, evolving and growing their own lives within it

• Everyone takes charge of their own arena of expertise and recognises collective responsibility for the overall success of the team

• Members have an awareness of each other’s strengths and appreciate how this serves the overall team

• Members express praise and care appropriately

• There is a degree of flexibility around individual roles

• Members are aware of what they can do for each other in order to help everyone function at their optimum level

• Members take the time to check in with each other beyond the working agenda

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