How can this be achieved?

Through regular team meetings that:

• Clear away any built up emotional residue from normal everyday working practice

• Maintain clarity around individual roles and strengths and the experience that gives them the right and the authority to lead in this particular role

• Identify tasks within each role that could be taught in order to improve flexibility within the team

• Keep the long-term perspective alive! (Who are you becoming and what will the team look like once it has fully matured)

• Provide the opportunity to share positive stories and knowledge of clients with an intention of getting to know them better so that everyone can be party to building rapport and improving customer relations

• Create a forum within which the values of the team can be used to guide how the team functions and what it develops and grows into as it evolves

• Encourage the development of open and honest professional relationships for the sake of people’s morale at work and therefore the quality of service that is being offered to clients and customers.

• Cultivate the attitude that change is good and is a journey not a sudden upheaval that is imposed on everyone

• Commit to enjoying work through choosing an attitude of ease whenever possible in terms of the way that things get done as opposed to one of struggle and hardship.

And by hiring a great coach who can help to cultivate the optimum working culture through:

• Maintaining high levels of praise and appreciation

• Encouraging open and honest communication

• Promoting equal participation

• Holding the vision and values that: Create the team identity, guide team success, provide clarity of purpose, give a sense of belonging

• Inspire greatness through continual self-improvement

• Raising awareness of obstacles and barriers that undermine team success

• Maintaining balance between inner and outer roles

• Identifying development needs and providing solutions

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