Business leadership coaching

I believe that business is built on good working relationships. As a coach I have learnt how to improve communication to establish better networks. Better networks lead to more effective and productive communities. I identify and challenge the negative barriers that undermine positive change and progress in individuals and the business community as a whole.

Based in Oxfordshire, I work as a strategic partner to business leaders who are committed and serious about developing a working culture that engages and inspires its people in order to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Strategic Culture Change, Strategic Planning, Merging Cultures, Internal Relationship Management, Performance Coaching, Staff Recruitment & Induction, Remedial Coaching & Trouble Shooting, Personal Development.

Different coaching perspectives


People & Commerce

The most valuable asset in business is Integrity…… but what is integrity and how do you identify whether it’s present or not? We all talk about integrity within business as though we have it an[more]


Business & Higher Purpose

Power struggles and greed have without a doubt caused the collapse of the economy and whatever comes next we need it to be built on the lessons of the past not as a repeat experience! [more]


Teamwork & Community

How do you measure, define culture and therefore how do you know if it’s good, bad, healthy or unh[more]


Insights and applications

What I like about Buddhism is it claims not to be a religion but rather a philosophical exposition of the truth….philosophical in the sense that it does not limit reality to just the physical plane [more]